Ceramic Pro Textile

An eco-friendly protective spray-coating for natural textiles, suede, and absorbent materials. Delays wear and tear and lets you enjoy your favorite clothes or furniture for longer!

A practical spray-coating:

  • Prolongs the lifespan of clothes or furniture
  • Doesn’t give a rubbery feel to the material
  • Surface becomes easy-to-clean
  • Simple prep: just thoroughly clean the surface
  • Well-absorbed by natural untreated materials
  • Saves time and money

A general-purpose product:

  • Fits textile items and absorbing materials
  • Can be used on car interior, clothes, footwear, furniture
  • Handy for home and HoReCa use
  • Long-lasting effect: 6-9 months
  • Preliminary testing is recommended

Why is it worth choosing?


contaminants slip off and don’t penetrate the material

prevents staining from food & drinks, enhanced color without changing the original texture.

thanks to UV-resistance and hydrophobicity


water-based product suitable even for children’s belongings