Ceramic Pro offers advanced ceramic coating to protect the paint. It is the best solution for both new cars and used.

Ceramic Pro Light – available in good studies detailing.
STRONG 9H Ceramic Pro 4.0 – available exclusively from authorized Experts 9H.

For each service to protect the paint you receive the certificate, which is located on the inner door panel.

Protective coating Ceramic Pro Light

Ceramic Pro Light is a two-year paint protection of the family of ceramic coatings. Brings out the paint color depth and gives a high gloss. It is a very good protection against aggressive chemicals, UV rays, atmospheric agents.

– maintained 12-24 months
– High hydrophobicity
– UV protection
– Protection against weathering
– Resistance to chemicals
– High gloss
– High Color Depth

Ceramic coatings pro light can be found in studies detailing good and our shop.

Ceramic protective coating 9H Strong Pro 4.0

Strong 9H Ceramic Pro 4.0 is an exclusive protective coating of automotive paint. Enriched formula 4.0 is even more resistant to scratches, harsh weather conditions and aggressive chemicals. Thanks to the outstanding properties of the hydrophobic perfectly repels dirt. Retains beautiful shine and brings out the paint color depth.
The ceramic protective coating remains on the paint up to 5 years (regular maintenances and average annual mileage of 20-30 thousand. Km) product can be applied on all elements painted. 

The protective coating is applied to the coating in the five layers (4 layers Ceramic Pro 9H Strong 4.0 + 1 layer Ceramic Pro Light).
You may be more layers for higher hardness and durability.

Ceramic protective coating 9H Strong Pro 4.0 can be found only in certified experts. It is a highly advanced product, and only by authorized Ceramic Pro experts can use it.

9H Ceramic Pro 4.0 is the only product on the market of automotive coatings has certified hardness made by the German institute SGS. No other film can not confirm its protective properties even similar document.

Original products with the legal distribution are confirmed by additional mandatory certificate of authenticity issued to each made protective coating. Such a certificate is issued for each coating protected the car. Due to the large number of counterfeit products always ask for a certificate of authenticity with hologram, which have only authorized experts.

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