Securing upholstery

Ceramic Pro  is also an excellent product for

impregnation and protection of car interior

Upholstery Alcantara material and is designed special impregnation, and the maintenance and protection of the skin separate products effectively preserving skin.

Ceramic Pro Leather

Ceramic Skin protection: Cermamic Pro Leather due to its unique structure creates upholstery leather coating based on nano-ceramic network. Protected in this way, the skin remains clean for a much longer time, and the cleaning is much easier and faster. The product allows the skin to breathe naturally, also protects against UV rays and liquids produced by the hydrophobic coating.

Ceramic protection Ceramic Pro Leather is the most durable protective coating to the leather upholstery.

– Keeps the upholstery to 6-12 months
– Repels dirt so that the surface is easy to clean
– super hydrophobic effect, coating repels water, which is not absorbed into the upholstery.
– Excellent weather resistance and UV resistance 
– Restores and saturated color, leaving a matte finish

Ceramic Pro Textile

Impregnation of upholstery material: Ceramic PRO is a protective coating Textile upholstery material based on ceramic nanoparticles. Due to its unique properties, impregnated fabric is fully insensitive to liquid and much less prone to soiling. Ceramic protection upholstery makes for tapicerkce impregnated water does not seep into the material, but remains on the surface.