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Undercoating for application of CP Light, CP 9H, CP Rain

Prepares Surfaces for Coating

Increases Coating Bonding Strength

Degreases Surfaces

Removes Minor Imperfections

Increases Gloss Level

Easy to Use




Has been developed using a unique technology that ensures careful preparation of surfaces


Does not Contain Abrasive Particles and therefore does not Remove Even a Micron of Paintwork

Wax-Free, Silicone-Free

Improves surface appearance

Provides High Gloss

Refreshes Color and Makes it Saturated


Low Cost of Surface Preparation

Low Consumption

Just 15-25ml of Nano-Polish is Enough to Treat a Whole Car Body

Ceramic Pro Nano-Polish is a non-abrasive cleaner polish that prepares surfaces prior to applying Ceramic Pro coatings. Ceramic Pro Nano-Polish will refine and clean the paintwork to ensure

Ceramic Pro coatings can gain maximum adhesion while removing any minor imperfections and increasing gloss levels of the paintwork before it is locked in with a Ceramic Pro coating.

Used for the treatment of


available for purchase
Consuption: 25ml/car

Long shelf life!

– 5 years in factory sealed packaging
– 1 year once packaging is open

50 ml

1000 ml

Professional polish for surface preparation