Nanoshine Group

Nanoshine is an advanced manufacturer of protective coatings for a variety of surfaces, in particular for the automotive, marine, aviation, and construction.

Protective coatings have the structure of ceramic molecules 3D (nano-ceramics). Ceramic Pro is constantly working on improving its coatings by introducing newer formulas and subjected them demanding tests. Ceramic Pro is currently the most advanced technology for surface protection, including market leading ceramic coating Pro STRONG to 9H protection coatings for cars, airplanes and boats.


Why Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro is the first in the original ceramic layer and having the only approved institute 9H, which confirms the physical and chemical properties.

How to find the original product?

Ceramic Pro as each product is a leader in the industry earned a lot of so-called. fakes. Many people offering its customers introduces confusion selling other coatings, eg. Polymer, or quartz as a ceramic or incorrectly indicates that there is no difference between them. Keep in mind that the original manufacturer of ceramics is Nanoshine Ceramic Pro.

If a company offers coating on which there are doubts with respect to its origin, it is always better to ask about the package or in the case of coatings studio 9H check the list of Experts 9H.

Where to find the original shell Ceramic Pro?

Products can be found only at Certified Expert Studios 9H such as Ceramic Pro Albania and we are the only distributor of products in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina.

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